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Bad Gateway

$30.00 / Sold Out

The fourth book in the collected adventures of Megg & Mogg.
This is the one that follows on from the ending of Megahex, where all the shit starts to hit the fan.

176 page hardback w/ moss finish, gold foil, gilded edging and sticker.

Published by Fantagraphics Books, Seattle, WA in 2019.

Available signed and doodled in for additional cost.

Shipped via Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelopes with tracking.

“If you like your comedy black, profane and outrageous, you’ve probably already encountered Hanselmann’s twisted tales of Megg, Mogg, Owl and Werewolf Jones or should want to soon. Bad Gateway takes the emotional depth of Hanselmann’s previous work up several notches. It also brings his finely-detailed and beautifully watercolored artwork to the fore.”
- Forbes

“Astoundingly well-crafted and punishingly heartfelt.”
- Vulture

“Hanselmann is one of the most gifted cartoonists alive.”
- The A.V. Club

“Readers struggling with their own demons will find Hanselmann's work chillingly real.”
- Publishers Weekly

“These are simultaneously some of the meanest and most tender comics you will ever read.”
- Seattle Weekly