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Megg and Mogg in Amsterdam & Other Stories

$20.00 / Sold Out

The second book in the series. A collection of loose shorts from various venues gracefully teased into a larger narrative.
Includes strips from Vice, out of print zines and elsewhere.
Features classic episodes such as the "Amsterdam" saga, "Felt Hats" and "St. Owl's Bay".

170 page hardback.

Published by Fantagraphics Books, Seattle, WA, 2016.

Available signed and doodled in for additional cost.

Shipped via Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelopes with tracking.

"Hanselmann's painting and layout style has always been striking, but the flow, color, and composition in Megg and Mogg in Amsterdam showcase an outstanding progression from Hanselmann's previous work." - The Portland Mercury

"Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam doesn't talk down to you. It gives you one of the oddest, most powerful reassurances of all: It tells you you're not alone in your misery." - New York Magazine: Vulture